A new day, a new diet, a solid intention…now pray it doesn’t get backfired!

Finally I am back….having learnt my lesson about shortcuts; I am going to do things the right way….or rather the only way.

I enrolled myself in an aerobics class, so daily I can exercise for an hour. This alone should ensure that I lose ¾ of the weight I want to, since I rarely exercise. My body won’t know what hit it!

Next, I found this diet– Not by some celebrity dietician but some normal folks who know what good food taste like. Its covers the diet for a month, divided by each week which slightly varies.

Thankfully I had some of the ingredients at hand, so I could start immediately (since I discovered this diet at 3 am ) and the rest I decided to buy as soon as the shops open!

I soaked 5 almonds and 4 teaspoons of methi seeds- got a little carried away there, since its one spoon methi seeds in 2 glasses of water. Will share with my mom, though…it’s thanks to her I have methi seeds at home.

With the 8 am stuff done, I needed to focus on the 9 am stuff. I did not have any brown bread at home and though it would have been easy to just buy them (as shops open by 8am here) I felt energetic/creative/excited and since I was feeling kinda bekaar all day(the real reason), I decided to bake some bread.Luckily,I found this super easy recipe by Tarla Dalal,that I tried today and found an ever better one but decided to try that some other day, when the sleep wasn’t kicking in!

So with the bread halfway through, I decided to look up some healthy chutney recipes- I mean how many days can I eat just green chutney, right?

Here are some of the interesting recipes I found, and mentioned in the order I might try them in.

Spicy Green chutney

Radish Chutney

Tomato Onion Chutney

Dalia Green Chutney – Don’t try them with the Murukkus/Chakli (evil me)

Tri colored Chutney

Cilantro Peanut Chutney

Tamarind Coriander Chutney

This one is here because it looks sooooo tempting, maybe I can incorporate it later, maybe week 2 for lunch or week 3 for dinner. I mean, If I pass week one, I deserve that much at least and it looks healthy too!

Now my bread is in the microwave oven and the chutney is ready. Today I felt whacky and made my own green chutney… it’s called mood! A bunch of Coriander leaves and a little stem, followed by a handful of Pudina leaves, green chilies- I used around 8, 2 small onions, few pieces of dried coconut, a little jeera and a little more pepper, small doze of sugar, a pinch of turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, mixed it all with some lemon juice and dash of water and Voila!

I assembled some green capsicum, tomatoes; onion (had no cucumber at home) while checking on my bread. After a few fumbles in the baking department, my ‘acquired taste walla homemade brown bread’ was ready! Hope my second attempt will be better but hey! At least I made my first bread before I got married :)

Before I could sit down to have my breakfast, I had to fix breakfast for my little brother who had to rush to work. Since he would not touch my delicious homemade bread, I used last night hamburger bread. Simply sliced in into two and instead of a sandwich assembled it like a pizza, butter, chutney, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, cheese, oregano and baked it for 10 minutes, served it to him with some ketchup and Tada– he went to work satisfied! The best part is, all the effort that it took me to assemble the fake pizza totally ruined my cravings and I was happy to settle down for my healthy meal…

Now, with only one toast sandwich to have, I had to make it good- so applied some chutney to the bread (I hate butter), capsicum and tomatoes and baked it in the oven for 5 minutes and sat down to eat it with some filling green tea.

With breakfast out of the way, I now have to kill time till I can have my next meal- a  whole fruit which is at 11.30 and it’s only 9 am now L

Chapter 2: Time killing…. Tried reading, working, hatching eggs, sleeping, watching TV and then finally 11.30 am came!

I had a green apple and (I know I succumbed to temptation),1 toast  but thankfully my friend came over and we were so engrossed in setting up her new phone we forgot to eat and  realized it was 5 pm. Just imagine, I hadn’t slept all night, not eaten since 11.30 am, all restaurants are closed (at this point we were outdoors doing the phone stuff). Finally we decided to eat a samosa, it has been ages since I have been anywhere close to this place and just could not resist the temptation. At this point, I do realize this blog sounds more like a food blog, rather than a diet one and there is more food to come!

After that we headed over to our favorite Chinese place and ordered Crispy chicken and Shanghai rice. It was raining so heavily and we were so drenched that we could not really eat the food, so after have a small bite of both, we asked for a doggy bag.

Looking at the beautiful freezing weather, we both knew I would now go to sleep for a long time. So I headed home and slept. Thus ended my kinda first day of diet. With a start like this, god knows how it will end!

BTW,I used the leftover chutney to make my own version of Pahadi chicken inspired by that chicken sandwich recipe mentioned earlier in this blog.

All I did was marinate the chicken for like 5 minutes (due to time constraint) in turmeric powder/salt/garam masala/freshly ground cumin-mustard powder and put in a kadhai with some heated oil and cooked it for 5 minutes, then added the green chutney and put a lid on and cooked it on medium flame for around 25-30 minutes and served.

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